stico stìco EUB double bass electric upright silent string


Stìco is an electric upright bass made for double bass players, just to give them the perfect sobstitute (or companion) for its bigger counterpart. It's not just an electric fretless bass put in a stand-up position, Stìco is a double bass without the chunky body, but with the same response, measurements and reference points.

The renewed MkIII Stìco has active onboard electronics, three way EQ and piezo buffer, giving the musician the opportunity to use a common bass amplifier, or a stage monitor, or a PA mixer.

Ebony fingerboard (with or without side mini-dots), traditional bridge, a removable frame for added stabilty, comfort and balance: transition between an acoustic double bass and the Stìco is effortless.

The endpin is retractable, in brushed stainless steel.


Mahogany, with tonal chambers
String retainer



An onboard preamp boost up a K&K piezo pickup, the best solution for a true pizzicato or bowed sound. Four knobs control the EQ curve and master volume. You just need a common bass ampli, or a D.I. and just plug in the P.A.

Samples by Cristiano Bocci:

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5