Every Biarnel instrument has deep tonal chambers, for a very low weight and perfect balance.

Perfect for long gigs or busy session musicians

Thanks to the tonal chambers and various building tricks, Biarnel instruments are comfortable even after long concert hours. Forget backache, tendinitis and shoulder pain.

Thoroughly Handmade

Every single aspect and detail in a Biarnel instrument is handmade by just one person.

One master luthier does all the work

Every Biarnel is followed from start to finish by just one luthier, with dedicated craftsmanship.

Unlimited customizations

Choose every wood, color, electronics or finish: there aren’t two Biarnels looking the same.

Your Biarnel is UNIQUE

Choose every detail together with the luthier: exotic tops, classic or flamboyant finishes, electronics, pickup: you’ll always end up with a great result.

Biarnel handmade liuteria pisa italy

  • Biarnel Iter 6c FL Ebano
  • biarnel iter basso
  • Biarnel prassi arancio basso
  • biarnel Akmè amaranto basso
  • biarnel liuteria stige basso
  • Biarnel Prots chitarra
  • Biarnel piZero Headless chitarra guitar
  • Biarnel Moz Sunburst chitarre liuteria
  • Biarnel ybris chitarra
  • biarnel pizero chitarra
  • biarnel stico eub contrabbasso upright
  • Biarnel Stico Nero
  • Biarnel Stico Zebrano
  • Biarnel Stico bianco

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