Fiorano is a bass guitar designed to meet the need for an instrument with classic and timeless lines, while incorporating modern features and solutions such as the Single Cut shape, a short 32-inch scale, and an incredibly lightweight body with ample tonal chambers typical of Biarnel’s craftsmanship.

The “set-in” neck construction is securely glued to the body using a trapezoidal joint, and the transition profile between the neck and body is completely smooth, devoid of any angles or steps. Two titanium bars in the neck accompany the aluminum truss rod, ensuring rock-solid stability.

Modern features coexist with classic aesthetics, including a pickguard, optional pickup cover plate, and “Lollipop” style tuning keys on a retro headstock with a 2L+2R layout.

The Fiorano bass can be equipped with passive or active electronics (always with Biarnel’s handmade pickups), or the exclusive Biarnel QuadraCoil.

The Luca Cantasano Signature version, introduced for the launch, draws inspiration from a post-punk concept. It boasts a metallic blue finish that overlays a white base coat, anticipating the inevitable moment when intense usage and stage life will create a true relic, with areas of wear highlighted by the white color and the wood beneath it. The uniquely shaped knobs allude to “make-do repairs,” and the phosphorescent dots stand out on the dark stage.

The electronics feature the Biarnel QuadraCoil pickup, complemented by a Kill Switch.

  • Set-in neck

  • Passive electronics, active Biarnel electronics or Biarnel QuadraCoil

  • Wide choice of woods

  • Matte or glossy finish (transparent, colored, translucid, burst)

  • Available with or without pickguard and pickup cover plate

Basic Versions starting prices:

Fiorano 4c

  • Tonal chambers
  • Biarnel handmade pickups
  • Set-In neck

Fiorano 5c

  • Tonal chambers
  • Biarnel handmade pickups
  • Set-In neck

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