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Stìco is an Electric Upright Bass (EUB) born to give to the musician the same references, measures and sensations as a traditional acoustic bass.

The current MkIII version has an onboard active electronics, giving it the opportunity to plug directly in a mixer, in a combo or in a stage monitor, and it has the usual strenghts: playability, comfort, ergonomics and great tone.

The ebony fingerboard (with or without mini side dots), the traditional classic doublebass bridge, the chest and tummy supports are features that contribute to a smooth transitions from acoustic to electric upright.

The endpin is retractile, in brushed steel, with a soft foot.

The onboard electronics is connected to a K&K piezo pickup, located under a bridges’s “wing”, resulting in a gorgeous traditional tone, perfect for bowing. Four knobs on the side control master volume, highs, mids and lows. This way your Stìco is completely independent and ready to plug in a normal bass amplifier.

  • Bolt on neck (removable for low-cost flying needs)

  • Three way electronics and K&K pickup

  • Chest, tummy and knee support appandages, for a perfect stability

  • Diapason 1040mm

  • Transparent matte, colored, or burst finishes

  • Traditional maple fixed or adjustable bridge

Starting prices for the basic versions:


  • Tonal chambers
  • K&K pickup
  • Active electronics
  • Chest and knee support

Stìco + Heavily padded gigbag with bow holder

  • Tonal chambers
  • K&K pickup
  • Active electronics
  • Chest and knee support
  • Thomastik Spyrocore Strings
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