Biarnel Prassi

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Inspired to the iconic Jazz Bass, the 4 or 5-stringed Biarnel Prassi has several features giving it a strong personality, mellow tone and a great tonal versatility.

Biarnel Prassi gives you a classic look, tone and feel, but with a really low weight, thanks to the tonal chambers and wood choice.

Available fretted or fretless, with a bolt on neck, active 2-way electronics or with the usual Volume – Volume – Tone passive configuration.

  • Bolt on construction

  • Active 2 ways electronic or traditional passive electronics with tone control

  • Wide choice of woods

  • Matte or glossy finish (transparent, colored, translucid, burst)

  • Available with or without pickguard and control plate

Basic Versions starting prices:

Prassi 4c

  • Tonal Chambers
  • Biarnel Handwound Pickups
  • Bolt on neck

Prassi 5c

  • Tonal Chambers
  • Biarnel Handwound Pickups
  • Bolt on neck
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